Submission Guidelines

Our books tend to be on the side of serious religious practice rather than magical or occult topics. We look for manuscripts that will help the reader to deepen their spiritual practice and become closer to their Gods. In general, books about magical technique or psychic development are not appropriate. Academic or historical writing must be from an overtly spiritual point of view. If there is not a strong religious or devotional component to your work, we are very unlikely to accept it. Take a look at the books on this website to see what we do. We're especially looking for people to do deity devotionals, so if you love your God(s) and want to put together a small chapbook, do contact us. (It is part of our clever plan to encourage Pagans to pray!)

If you have a manuscript you think is appropriate for Asphodel Press, send a query to with ASPHODEL PRESS SUBMISSION in the subject. Tell us what it's about and send a short sample or a proposal. If it sounds good, we will ask that you email us the full manuscript. (Please do not mail us printed manuscripts.) If we think that your manuscript is appropriate for Asphodel Press, we'll let you know. If we think that it could be really good with some editing or formatting help, we'll let you know, and you can do it yourself or pay one of us a small negotiable sum to do it; either way is fine.

Please be advised: If you are hoping to make a lot of money off of a book, you should do the routine of sending it around to regular presses first. Who knows, you might get lucky! A traditional publisher will be able to get your book to a much wider audience than we can. That is what they do. If you don't care so much about the money, you just want to see it out there - or you know that it's such an obscure subject that it will never get taken by a traditional publisher - then we might be a good choice for you.