Welcome to Asphodel Press!

Asphodel Press is a Pagan author cooperative organized by the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel. We specialize in Pagan religious books on unusual and controversial subjects. As Pagan religious practices grow, so does the need for specialized small-market books. Financial pressure prevents many Pagan/Occult publishers from printing books which do not have very broad market appeal. As a small volunteer-based organization, Asphodel Press is able to offer high-quality books targeted to very specific audiences.

The links above will bring you to our various lines of books. Our Devotionals are collections of essays, prayers, stories and poems dedicated to a specific deity or a small group of deities. Our line of Specialty Books address various aspects in Pagan religious belief and practice. Our Prayer Books are collections of rituals and prayers. The Northern Tradition Shamanism Series covers methods, tools, and lore relevant to modern practitioners of Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon shamanic techniques.

Books are printed and distributed in cooperation with Lulu.com. International shipping is available for all books. In many countries, books will be sent from local affiliates to reduce shipping cost.

Foreign Language Books

We are currently working with Anna Blaze on Russian translations of some of our titles: Издания на русском языке. We have Russian translations of Dealing With Deities: Practical Polytheistic Theology (Что такое боги, и как с ними быть) and the booklet for the Giants' Tarot deck. Next in line is The Jotunbok.

In German, we have the bilingual edition of Walking Toward Yggdrasil (Der Weg zu Yggdrasil), a collection of devotional poetry for Odin, written by Galina Krasskova.