Listening for Their Voices

Listening for Their Voices cover

Collected between these two covers is a wealth of poetry born from divine inspiration, spanning two decades of the author’s life: tales of the gods and goddesses of multiple pantheons, songs of nature and of the ancestors that came before us, prayers, private conversations with a myriad of deities, praise for the deeds of great heroes, and verses of love, adoration, and gratitude. Come explore these pages and join with the author in a celebration of the gods and spirits that give our lives meaning. (220 pages, 6"x9")

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Your Luminous Self

Your Luminous Self cover

Your Luminous Self is one of the life-works of elder witch Penny Novack, a collection of poetry celebrating the Goddesses, the Self and Soul, the Cosmos itself. "The evidence of divine inspiration, of her intimate access to her Muse, shows in every poem Penny Novack writes. To celebrate such talent and skill in our midst -- What a joy! What a pleasure!" -M. Macha Nightmare, P&W. About the Author: Penny entered into service to the Goddess and Witchcraft in 1969 and she and her life-mate, Michael, began organising Pagan festival events in 1972. In the years since her twelfth birthday when she first entered into her spiritual search, she has studied and enjoyed numerous spiritual paths. The Goddess is not her jailer but the vast Mystery to be found in every sacred event. (84 pages, 6"x9")

Shadow Gods and Black Fire

Shadow Gods and Black Fire cover

The scent of pine, the crackle of snow, the pounding of waves against the surf... Andrew Gyll's poetry for the ancient Norse Gods, and for his own spirit ancestors, brings us back into a world of beauty and mystery. Unknown depths open up before us, around us, inside us as the Gods speak. Listen to their words, and wonder. From Asphodel Press UK. (96 pages, 6"x9")

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Walking Toward YggdrasilPoems for the All-Father

Walking Toward Yggdrasil cover

Walking Toward Yggdrasil is a collection of devotional poetry dedicated to the Norse God Woden. These poems celebrate the intimacy, intensity, passion and the terror that He is capable of arousing in His devotees. It is a joyous offering to the All Father by a woman who has served Him for over a decade. The text of the book is given both in English and German. (112 pages, 6"x9")

'Der Weg zu Yggdrasil' ist eine Sammlung religiöser Gedichte für den nordischen Gott Wodan. Diese Gedichte ehren die Gefühle von Intimität, Intensität, Leidenschaft und Entsetzen, die Er in Seinen Anhänger/innen erwecken kann. Diese Sammlung ist eine Gabe, welche die Autorin mit Freude dem Allvater widmet.

Trickster, My BelovedPoems for Laufey’s Son

Trickster, My Beloved cover

Loki is both loved and hated by various followers of the Northern Traditions. Despite his unpopularity with some heathens, the number of his worshipers grows every year. This collection of twenty-seven poems, written by a dedicated Loki's-woman, portrays some common and uncommon aspects of his character, his relationships to other deities, and how a relationship with this most misunderstood Norse god may be as deeply fulfilling and meaningful as it may sometimes be nerve-wracking. (66 pages, 6"x9")