A Witch Among WolvesAnd Other Pagan Tales

A Witch Among Wolves cover

The world’s oldest literature is pagan. For thousands of years before the monotheistic traditions rose to dominance in the West, pagans told stories about the loves and miseries and adventures of Gods and Goddesses, heroes and witches and warriors. The Pagans of the contemporary world, in addition to rediscovering the Gods and heroes of old, are also writing for those Gods and heroes. “Alexander’s Heart” is a science fiction tale set in a distant future ruled by the descendants of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. “Devourer” finds the Egyptian Goddess Bast in modern-day Louisiana, while “The Flower in the Dark” addresses political oppression and liberty. ”Footprints” follows the Olympian Queen of the Gods to contemporary Florida, while “Orion: An EcoFable” explores the nature of environmental responsibility and the consequences of human arrogance. Finally, “A Witch Among Wolves” centers around a Lithuanian ragana, a devotee of the Horned Lord of the Underworld. (95 pages, 6"x9")

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