Hymns From The TempleA Hellenic Book of Prayer

Hymns From The Temple cover

Bringing together some of her best hymns to the Gods of Hellas, Lykeia proudly produces this volume in honor and tribute to the Deathless Ones. It comprises hymns to the Olympian Gods, to Persephone and Dionysos, the Titans, and other gods in Hellenismos in order to foster an expansion of modern poetic work to incorporate into our daily prayers and rituals. These hymns are intended to be used in celebration of our daily life, and in the greater rituals throughout the year for all who love the Gods. Lykeia is a priestess of Apollon and a resident of Anchorage, Alaska. She has written over 300 spiritual poems, and created over a dozen pieces of devotional artwork for the gods. (171 pages, 6"x9")

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