Candles in the Cave
Northern Tradition Paganism for Prisoners

Candles in the Cave cover

Hope and faith are candles that burn in the soul, in even the darkest cave – including the prison cell. This book explores the prayers and practices of Northern Tradition Paganism, in a version written specifically for prisoners. Each prayer and ritual can be done alone in a cell if necessary, with only pencil and paper, or not even that. Many practitioners both on the inside and outside contributed their words to this book, sharing their joys, their faith, and their anchor in the storm. May the Gods be hailed, even in behind chains and bars, and may their worshipers be blessed!

Asphodel Press is proud to be able to offer this book at heavily discounted price to anyone currently in prison. If you are ordering this book for a prisoner, include the prisoner's full name and ID number with the prison address. Please be aware of any mailing restrictions the prison has, as we cannot give refunds for books destroyed by prison officials. (416 pages, 6"x9")

  • $20.00 Paperback, non-prison orders
  • $5.00 Download PDF

Direct Shipment to Prisoner


Ships directly to prison address only.
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Prisoners may order directly by mailing a total of $10.00 in stamps to: Asphodel Press, 12 Simonds Hill Rd. Hubbardston, MA 01452.